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Why build with the MetSIP panel?

Why build with the MetSIP panel?


1/ Cost Competitive
2/ Faster Build
3/ Build All Year Round ( not dependant on weather)
4/ Able to install, Concrete Floors, Timber or Steel joisted floors
5/ Waste and Waste removal that is not factored into other construction types eliminated


1/ A home that has a marketing advantage over similar housing schemes nearby
2/ Ability to build Housing to Code of Sustainability. MetSIP is in the Green Guide
3/ Faster Build, resulting on return of developers money quicker
4/ Dry Construction, no Water / moisture trapped in the Building
5/ Less maintenance than any other form of construction over the 10 year Assurance Period

Home Owner:

1/ A Home that is more fuel efficient (lower heating Bills)
2/ Cooler in hot weather (no need for air conditioning and fans)
3/ Dimensionally Stable, Little disruption from settlement and drying out
4/ Easy to extend / make alterations
5/ Accepted by all major insurers and assurers