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MetSIP Homes


We provide a fast track, cost effective, environmentally friendly construction process which has been extensively used worldwide for over 29 years.

Advantages include:

  • The structural envelope of a home can be built from the slab to weather tight building in under 8 days.
  • The complete installation of the MetSIP Home is an 8 day process as compared to up to an 8 week blockwork process just for the walls.
  • The MetSIP Home is not weather dependant on installation and does not need the external skin to be built at the same time.

When compared to blockwork, Our system uses:

  • 10% of water.
  • 1 lorry load compared to 8 lorries of blocks and insulation with corresponding safety and environmental benefits to local area.
  • Zero ozone depleting insulation with a Global Warming Potential of 4.08.
  • Has 27% embodied energy.
  • Requires no waste removal, reducing landfill.
  • Manufactured off site with simple dry fixing on site.