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MIB MetSIP system, not weather dependent

MIB MetSIP system, not weather dependent

In the UK ,3 months every year of construction time is lost because of inclement weather. This could be rain, freezing conditions or even hot conditions. Moisture gets trapped within the structures which leads to extended time and cost to dry the finished building or worst case cause mould growth.

Materials can be wasted due to temperatures being too hot, too cold or left too long (Mortars). The Patented MetSIP panel has none of the problems above as it is installed 12 months a year in any weather conditions.This reduces the Contractors time and cost on site and gives the developers an earlier return on their investment.

Coupled with the fact that the MetSIP structure can be installed and is structurally complete without an additional skin of block or brickwork further time savings can be made.

This make The MIB MetSIP system the No.1 choice for new build constructions.