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MetSIP Structures
Why LGS?

Why LGS?

The full potential of LGS as a structural building solution is yet to be realised. However, when combined with the benefits of MetSIP, we believe the market potential is enormous.

With MIB Facades we understand:

How to make off-site work, on-site

We know what it takes to make a product manufactured off-site, work practically on-site – and we have a track record to back this up.

Design is key

We understand how to manage the design process – which is very different from traditional construction. This requires much more work up front, but is low cost/high benefit.

Solution to Thermal bridging

The undoubted structural efficiency of LGS depends upon a cost-effective and practical means of solving the issue of cold bridging, at the same time providing a means of attaching external cladding – without undue expense and waste. The MetSIP panel integrates structure, insulation and thermally isolated cladding support – in a single factory process.

MetSIP releases the true power of LGS as a fully structural solution.