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MetSIP Structures
The Benefits

The Benefits

By combining the unique benefits of MetSIP external walls with an unrivalled knowledge of designing and delivering complex Light Gauge Steel (LGS) structures, MIB offers a system which creates buildings that are both sustainable and affordable.

Benefits for designers

When you work with the MIB system you can be confident of the following:

CDM regulations/Health and Safety

MIB’s off-site processes and emphasis on pre-construction design are of major benefit in helping towards meeting the requirements of CDM.


The MIB system is a class leader in terms of environmental and energy performance standards. The system components achieve an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide.

Technical certainty

With steel, you are working with an engineered product with no worries of unpredictable shrinkage or differential movement. All key components are produced in factory controlled environments. With MIB you can be sure that what you design is what will be built.

Testing and Certification

The MIB system has SCI assessed status and the MetSIP external wall system is BBA approved.

Benefits for developers and contractors

MIB will reduce your risk and improve your returns, at the same time delivering higher quality buildings that are affordable and sustainable.

Lower risks

Safety – greater pre-planning and more done off-site means the risk of accidents inevitably reduces.

Predictability and Cost Certainty – reliable programmes, fewer design/material oversights.

Technical Risk – with an engineered LGS system you eliminate the risk of shrinkage and movement. You can also be sure of reliable compliance with Building Regulations.

Higher returns

Return on Capital – greater speed on site will return your cash more quickly.
Productivity Gains – improved use of scarce site labour and of even scarcer management and design overhead.

Enhanced Reputation – you will deliver higher quality developments with fewer defects, leading to repeat business.

Benefits for occupiers

Anyone who lives in an MIB structure can be confident of:

Energy efficiency

A highly energy efficient structure that will reduce your energy bills and lighten your personal carbon footprint.

A comfortable living environment

A structure that is easy and quick to heat in winter and capable of being cooled down on hot summer nights.

An engineered product

A structure that has been designed and manufactured using modern methods, which creates the certainty and reliability we take for granted from today’s other manufactured products. In practical terms, you’ll notice that there will be no annoying and unsightly cracks caused by movement of the structure – plus lower heating bills.


LGS has a proven record of providing consistent acoustic results in practice. It has the ability to Party Wall and Floors that achieve +5 and +8dB above Building Regulations – depending on the choice of floating floor system (based on test date from over 150 separate tests, on live sites).

Reclaimable and Reusable

The key components of the MIB system can be reclaimed and reused as fully structural members in future structures.

For example, the MetSIP external walls are manufactured in 1200mm modules, with precisely known structural properties, which do not degrade significantly over time. The panels can be reused, and the LGS in the walls and floors can also be disassembled and reused.

This is a major step forward from recycling which involves a much greater carbon input to create a new material.