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MetSIP Structures
MetSIP External Wall System

MetSIP External Wall System

MetSIP is ideal for creating building envelopes with a high level of thermal performance. This is widely recognised as the most cost-effective means of achieving Level 4 and above in the Code for Sustainable Homes.

MetSIP – Evolutionary changes – Revolutionary results

In a single factory process, the MetSIP external wall panel combines:

  • The structural efficiency of LGS.
  • Injected insulation that minimises cold bridging.
  • Thermally isolated cladding support.
  • The composite action and robustness of factory fitted sheathing boards.

Composite action

The factory fitted insulation and sheathing boards act compositely to enhance the structural performance of the walls. This in turn allows value engineering of the LGS elements.


Used in areas of modest loading, with the majority of structural performance coming via composite action – thus saving LGS.


Used in heavily loaded external walls (typically in the minority), where the full benefits of LGS are used to create the load-bearing structure. MIB Facades uses its knowledge of LGS structures to put the right product where it is needed. Our aim is maximum performance for minimum material/cost.

Cladding support

The MIB Facades system incorporates thermally isolated, discrete structural packers.

Wall ties

There is no requirement for expensive wall tie channel systems, as the wall ties can be attached directly to the sheathing board or, for additional strength, into the structural packers.

Cladding rails

These can be connected into the internal studs, providing a solid fixing with minimal thermal bridging. The factory fitted external sheathing board, in conjunction with the structural packers, make it simple to incorporate a wide range of external finishes.


LGS has a proven record of providing consistent acoustic results in practice. It has the ability to Party Wall and Floors that achieve +5 and +8dB above Building Regulations – depending on the choice of floating floor system (based on test date from over 150 separate tests, on live sites).