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MetSIP Infill Panel
The System

The System

Our MetSIP Panel is a tried and tested, innovative, versatile, prefabricated structural building system.

It provides a cost effective solution to architects, developers and contractors who are looking to produce high quality buildings, reduce building schedules and meet targets. This will allow them to significantly reduce costs.

The MetSIP system can reduce the overall construction period by up to 40%. The storey-high MetSIP wall panel system is an ideal alternative to conventional brick and blockwork, steel or timber frame construction.

Additional to its speed of build, MetSIP combines excellent structural qualities, insulation values and air-tightness properties.

All products are manufactured off site to the highest levels of accuracy eliminating site cutting which results in zero waste. This combined with Green Guide Ratings of A+ make MetSIP a preferred choice with specifiers and clients alike.

Although pre-fabricated MetSIP can be used on any straight-line plan form. It is easily cut or shaped on site to any dimension, and can be married to any other form of construction.

The panel

A MetSIP Panel is comprised of two skins of cement-particle board with a rigid cell urethane core. Embedded in the core there are two secondary structural studs, the whole creates a composite structural unit, not a laminate. The panels incorporate tongue and grooved edges with integral closure mechanisms also embedded into the urethane core. As the closure mechanisms operate they draw the adjacent panels together forming a stable and airtight connection.


Individual MetSIP Panels are connected together with the closing / locking mechanisms and fixed into a base channel. The base channel is anchored down into the concrete raft, plank, beam & block or suspended floor. When erected the wall panels are capped with an inverted channel onto which the next floor or roof structure is installed.

Window openings are created by installing a smaller piece of MetSIP Panel below the window and another piece above the window, these are both fixed to the adjacent panel using brackets.

Brickwork or any other chosen facing material is fixed to the MetSIP wall using standard proprietary wall ties. Other facings such as insulated render, timber and brickslips can also be applied.