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MetSIP Infill Panel


Speed of build: Our building system can reduce construction time by as much as 40%.

Speed of build: The MetSIP panel has very high thermal values.

Airtight structures: MetSIP’s innovative construction results in airtight structures.

The MetSIP building system offers the following advantages:

  • It can support buildings up to three storeys in height, and is immediatley loadbearing.
  • MetSIP is versatile; it can be used as the structural inner leaf — substituting for blockwork, timber or steel frame or as an infill panel with a steel or concrete frame construction and as the perfect base for rain screen systems or cladding.
  • MetSIP is dry fixed. It can be constructed in any weather. Wet trades can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Unlike steel-frame or timber frame systems MetSIP construction can be achieved using minimum building skill requirements.
  • The system enables a watertight external envelope to be constructed very quickly allowing all other critical path activities to be completed earlier.
  • MetSIP carries a British Board of Agrément Certificate and is approved by the NHBC.
  • MetSIP’s unique benefits have lead to its use on a wide variety of developments in the UK and Ireland. These include: commerical projects, public buildings, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, student accommodation, schools and social and private housing. MIB MetSIP is also ideal for use in renovation and refurbishment work as it forms a structural internal wall.
  • MetSIP can be used for a variety of façades: Brick and render, Brickwork, MetSIP with concrete panel, and Terracotta rainscreen.